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Is an online private tutoring curriculum that offers courses on Qur’an & Tajweed lessons to children and adults; both men and women. The program offers one-on-one sessions for all students. Male students are assigned with a male teacher (Sheikh) and female students with a female teacher (Sheikhah). Children may be assigned with either a Sheikh or a Sheikhah. The lessons are typically 30 minutes long. We offer Ijazah with sanad program (chain of narrations leading back to prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H) for those who aim for the highest certification in Qur’an & tajweed studies. The Ijazah /sanad certificate is issued upon successful completion of a set of course work and meeting a predefined of requirements . ( See programs offered section ).

We welcome students of ALL levels, from beginners to the advanced learners.

All of our teachers are certified and highly qualified professionals with experience in online teaching.

All of our teachers are Arabic native speakers. They speak English and can communicate with students in their preferred language.

Programs Offered

All of our programs are associated with each other and are designed to serve one ultimate goal; which is learning and mastering the holy Qur’an. This includes proper recitation and memorization.

Consult Us.

We highly encourage you to consult us before enrolling to a program. We have a proven process to assign each student with the best program that fits the student’s objectives and learning path. The first step is to register online. Once you register, you will be scheduled to meet a teacher and take a simple assessment test in order to determine your starting level. We want to make sure you get started with the right program that will best prepare you for the next.


You can always achieve all of your goals with persistent work and careful guidance, Insha’Allah.

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  • “Hey, Thanks for your speedy response on email. I just wanted to say, that the classes are next to brilliant.”

    Andy Taffs

  • “Great classes. Recommended!”

    Lois Lane

  • “Nice prices!”

    JRCM Design

  • “Awesome, awesome classes. Easy to learn. Well done.”

    Ian Jarret

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For all NEW Students we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed policy for one week trial period.

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