Children’s Program.

The Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi wasallam) said

'Whosoever recites the Quran and practices upon its injunctions, the reciter's parents will be given a crown on the day of Qiyaamah. The brightness of that crown will be more intense than the brightness of the sun in your actual house.'.

We at ZAD-program believe that our children are our future. Therefore, we strive to deliver the best education service that our students and parents expect from us, and keep our students attracted and attached to the book of Allah (S.W.T).

We teach the children how to read Arabic if they don’t know how to read. We teach the children how to recite the Qur’an fluently with proper tajweed. We encourage the children to memorize new surahs, and assist them in their memorization while continuously reviewing the surahs they have already memorized.

We focus on each student’s individual needs and we work on his/her pace and improve their skills gradually.

**Minimum age we accept at ZAD-program is 6 years old.

Our Fees/tuition.

For all NEW Students we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed policy for one week trial period.

Any Questions?

If so, why don’t you get in touch with us so we can talk about your enrollment.